Public Speaking

What’s the problem?

Public speaking always scores very highly on any list of fears that people are asked about in most cultures. This means that it must in some way be part of our deep past. What do I mean by that? Humans have certain instincts built into us. In reality, these instincts are `half` built in and need a trigger, such as a bad experience, to set them off. Our history as a species tends to pass certain phobias down the generations, eg the fear of heights, darkness, spiders and snakes, etc. Basically, these fears exist when we are born, which is why many people are scared of snakes and spiders, but almost no one has a fear of cars even though many more people are killed a year in car accidents (1,713 deaths in the UK in 2013) than die as a result of being bitten by snakes or spiders (1 death in the UK in last 40 year!).

Public speaking is the same (I suspect its root is ‘capture Myopathy’). If you logically think about it, most of us `public speak` all the time - we do it in shops, restaurants, etc, etc. We do it almost every day, yet most people don't see it that way - they only `lock up/react` under certain circumstances. That’s `fear of public speaking`

What’s the solution?

This is a pure `belief` problem. You probably already know that you `can` public speak in that you can raise your voice (ultimately this is all `public’ speaking is - talking not to one person but to many). You know this on one level, but on another the situation overwhelms you. I have spoken in public on many occasions and have taught courses on the subject in the UK and abroad. I can, therefore, not just deal with the fear but can instruct on certain techniques to help you.

What I can do to help?

I am a psychologist who has spent 15 years studying hundreds of scientific papers and books on how the mind works. I have also trained as a hypnotherapist in order to help deliver solutions to treat psychological issues.

My method of treatment consists of the following steps:

  • I will carry out a detailed `history take` in which I will ask you a series of pertinent questions to try and discover who you are and exactly what your problem means to you. Together we will explore how you personally see the world, your beliefs and how your mind operates.
  • I will then explain to you exactly what your mind is doing in relation to your particular problem and give you a new grasp on the problem that you face.
  • Once this is done, I will use my knowledge of psychology to craft a `hypnotic script` that, glides into your mind and is accepted by you as a new mental reality, in the same way as a pair of handmade shoes glide onto the feet they are made for.
  • I will then use this `hypnotic script` to guide you through hypnosis and other mental exercises that will allow you to deal with this complex problem.
  • I will provide you with an audio download for you to use alongside our treatment sessions so that you can experience your personal script again and again, reinforcing the lesson.

Does this treatment have a cost?

Yes, but compared to what? The cost of doing nothing?

Your fear already has a `cost` or you would not be here reading this. Any time and money you spend on addressing your fear and your ability to cope in previously uncomfortable situations will reward you for the rest of your life, never wearing out, never needing replacing.

What Next?

If you want to hear more, please watch this video explanation of hypnotherapy. If after watching the video you feel happy, then send me an email or phone me to book an appointment, an initial assessment can then be made by both of us to see if we can work together.