What is the problem?

I have worked with many people who have had phobias (a specific form of anxiety) people just like you.

Kim, 39, Health Professional:

"I had a fear of needles and couldn’t even look at them, Steve gave me an in depth understanding of what my phobia was and even how my brain worked, personally I am convinced that it was the explanation as much as the hypnosis that helped me.  Anyway after just one session I had Botox, over twenty injections in my face, to go from the fear level I was at to that seems incredible but it happened for me.”

Sandra, 34, Mum and local council worker:

"I came to see Stephen because I had anxiety about being left alone that was just crippling my life.  I ended up seeing him twice -the second time was just to say that I was now `cured` amazing – I have recommended him to anyone who will listen.”

Grant, 24, Engineer

"Embarrassing to admit but I couldn’t go in a lift. Steve explained to me the `why` and it just made sense.  After a couple of sessions of hypnosis and following other advice Steve gave me (I still like the body language stuff) I was fine and now just use lifts whenever I want.”

If you want similar results then contact me.

Some of the `Whys` mentioned above are

Phobias which are ‘irrational’ fears of certain things. Phobias tend to fall into three broad types:

  1. Deep past: our history as a species tends to pass certain phobias down the generations, eg the fear of heights, darkness, spiders and snakes, etc. Basically, these fears exist when we are born, which is why many people are scared of snakes and spiders, but almost no one has a fear of cars even though many more people killed each year in car accidents (1,713 deaths in the UK in 2013) than die as a result of being bitten by snakes or spiders (one death in the UK in last 40 years!).  Heights are the same.  A fear of flying is a sub-branch of a fear of heights - although planes are far less dangerous than cars, they are very high up.
  2. Certain foods: this phobia comes from what is known as the `Garcia Effect’. Not all food agrees with everybody, so if you become sick shortly after eating a certain food type your brain links the two, and the next time you encounter the same food, `bingo` your brain goes into melt down!
  3. Learned association: sometimes something very powerful happens in a person’s life. For example, a very small child is frightened by a dog. To a small child, a dog can be as big as a lion would be to a grown adult. This fear embeds itself deeply and, as the person grows, this `irrational’ fear remains. This type of phobia can be linked to anything from buttons to bottles.

To some, a phobia may appear to be very funny, but to a sufferer it can often have a very negative influence on their life, preventing them from achieving their full potential.

What can I do to help?

I am a psychologist who has spent 15 years studying hundreds of scientific papers and books on how the mind works. I have also trained as a hypnotherapist in order to help deliver solutions to treat psychological issues.

My method of treatment consists of the following steps:

  • I will carry out a detailed `history take` in which I will ask you a series of pertinent questions to try and discover who you are and exactly what your problem means to you. Together we will explore how you personally see the world, your beliefs and how your mind operates.
  • I will then explain to you exactly what your mind is doing in relation to your particular problem and give you a new grasp on the problem that you face.
  • Once this is done, I will use my knowledge of psychology to craft a `hypnotic script` that, glides into your mind and is accepted by you as a new mental reality, in the same way as a pair of handmade shoes glide onto the feet they are made for.
  • I will then use this `hypnotic script` to guide you through hypnosis and other mental exercises that will allow you to deal with this complex problem.
  • I will provide you with an audio download for you to use alongside our treatment sessions so that you can experience your personal script again and again, reinforcing the lesson.