One of the first thing to note is that depression is NOT anxiety, and anxiety is not depression.  I have met many clients who have seen a doctor (for the 7 minute average UK appointment time) and been diagnosed with both.  When speaking to the client, however, it becomes clear they only have one of these symptoms.


I am not against medication as such – however – it’s only a `simple` solution and does not deal with the underlying issues.  If you wish, I can show you how naturally to produce feel-good chemicals in your own body.  I can also give you, in addition to the hypnosis, a whole raft of practical ideas based in academic psychology which will help you to move back to being the old you.

What can I do for you?

I have worked with a number of people just like you with depression, people like:

Dawn, 62 – Care worker and wife.

"When I first saw Steve I was sitting there crying in front of him. I just felt so low and depressed.  Steve was kind and understanding and also talked about his own experiences. 

Somehow it helped to know that he knew how I felt, he had at one time been in the same place as me.  Steve did do hypnosis on me but much more, he showed me why I was thinking the way I was and then he gave me a series of ideas to help me push back against the depression.

I always remember him telling me not to make big life changing decisions whilst like this and to put them off till I was me again. I saw Steve four times over a four month period and by the end I was so much better.  My friends said I was me again and I felt, well normal, that seems so little but compared to where I was it was everything”

Mike, 38 – Fire-fighter Dad and Husband

"It was hard for me to ask for help.  I had always been the one people asked to help them, but Steve seemed to understand.  We talked for hours and the Hypnosis was part of the process but so was the advice and the explanations of mine and others actions, the why really helped.

He was always right on what would happen, the most impressive to me was when I asked if I would get back to being `me` and he said that I might go to `me plus` he said that when I was fully recovered, he was always sure I would – that I might be the old me, plus a bit more empathetic to the problems of others, that having been there I would have more empathy more sympathy.

I am now recovered and on this he was right.  He helped me see how this experience was not just a bad thing but something I could use through my life to make me stronger”

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