Alleviate Anxiety and Stress with Hypnotherapy

What are they?

Anxiety and stress are using the same mechanism within the brain which I will explain to you when you arrive – the main question you have now is can you help?

The answer to that is YES! I have worked with many people just like you, and I have helped them to recover, sometimes in just one session, sometimes in a few.

People such as:

Laura, 29, Local Resident, Mother, Teacher:

"I cannot praise Stephen highly enough. I came to him for help with anxiety that I have suffered from since childhood. I was very sceptical about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy but had reached a point in my life where I felt that traditional CBT hadn't yielded the results I had hoped for. Stephen put me at ease immediately: he was friendly, kind and explained the process to me in exceptional detail. Over a series of sessions he helped me to overcome my anxiety in a way that nothing else- not CBT, pharmaceuticals or alternative therapies- had. He also provided me with resources for self help including a download to play at bedtime and videos and literature online. I recommend Stephen in the strongest possible terms. A consummate professional hypnotherapist with a good sense of humour and huge amount of academic knowledge to back up his work. I felt comfortable and valued throughout my treatment."

Sandra, 34, Mum and local council worker:

"I came to see Stephen because I had anxiety about being left alone that was just crippling my life, I ended up seeing him twice the second time was just to say that I was now `cured` amazing – I have recommended him to anyone who will listen."

Kim, 39, Health Professional:

"I had a fear of needles and couldn’t even look at them, Steve gave me an in depth understanding of what anxiety was and even how my brain worked, personally I am convinced that it was the explanation as much as the hypnosis that helped me, anyway after just one session I had Botox, over twenty injections in my face, to go from the fear level I was at to that seems incredible but it happened for me."

Since April 2015, I have also been working alongside the registered charity, ANXIETY UK, as a volunteer therapist practitioner as verified by the following email received from the Charity:

Dear Steven,
Thank you for undertaking a telephone interview today. As a result of the interview and because we have also received two satisfactory references, I would like to offer you a position with ANXIETY UK in the capacity of volunteer therapist practitioner

Dave Smithson | Services Manager| Anxiety UK