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Below is an explanation of what I can do for you.

The first and most important thing to clarify is that hypnosis is nothing like you are led to believe it is on TV. A real hypnotist can no more control another's mind than a magician can really saw a woman in half - these are merely 'tricks'.  In other words, you are 100% SAFE.

How does hypnosis really work?

Hypnosis is talking to the subconscious mind, the bit that drives a car, for example.  At first this was hard, now you can drive and hold a conversation at the same time which is because driving has become a subconscious process.  If you can`t drive, just notice the difference between a learner and an experienced driver.

Firstly, you get the subject to start to fall asleep and then the hypnotist starts working just before you enter REM sleep https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapid_eye_movement_sleep.  This is a kind of semi-dream state.  At this stage, the conscious self is beginning to let go and, using the right words, your brain begins to accept a new reality, one that you and I will have agreed upon.  Don`t worry if you don`t fully understand that - you don`t need to, that’s why you are consulting me, because I do. But don`t take my word for it.

Stephen, 54, Dad and Retired Police Officer
"I have dieted for years and lost and gained weight but have been unable to maintain my weight loss.  In the last 25 years, I just kept losing and regaining in a depressing cycle – since May 2015, I’ve used Steve’s hypnosis and I am now the exact weight for my height 12st 8lb on a 5` 11” frame, and I have maintained that weight for longer than I ever have before.”

Now if you’re paying attention you will realise that the last endorsement is ME!  That’s right `physician heal thyself` (an old proverb that means before attempting to correct others, make sure that what you are advising others to do works on you).  I would be a very poor advert for hypnosis and (in my case) weight loss and maintenance if I couldn't make it work for me.  You will see when you meet me that in my mid 50s, I’m lean and muscular (by my age 83% of men are overweight) and I maintain motivation with self-hypnosis.  If you wish to obtain similar results, then CONTACT ME.

Now, THIS is a REAL independent endorsement.

Laura, 29, Local Resident, Mother, Teacher:"

I cannot praise Stephen highly enough. I came to him for help with anxiety that I have suffered from since childhood. I was very sceptical about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy but had reached a point in my life where I felt that traditional CBT hadn't yielded the results I had hoped for. Stephen put me at ease immediately: he was friendly, kind and explained the process to me in exceptional detail. Over a series of sessions he helped me to overcome my anxiety in a way that nothing else- not CBT, pharmaceuticals or alternative therapies had. He also provided me with resources for self help including a download to play at bedtime and videos and literature online. I recommend Stephen in the strongest possible terms. A consummate professional hypnotherapist with a good sense of humour and huge amount of academic knowledge to back up his work. I felt comfortable and valued throughout my treatment.”

Hypnosis is a method with which a skilled psychologist understanding the mechanisms of the mind can change the subconscious, allowing the individual to take back control of a certain aspect of their life. In a nutshell, the brain is an imagination device. That's why films/books, etc interest us so very much because they speak to this imagination. Hypnosis is a shared act of imagination in which you become part of your own drama. The hypnotist guides you towards a joint storytelling with you as 'lead actor'. This may seem over-dramatic, but the brain is an emotional engine and needs to be spoken to in its own language - the language of imagination.

How can I utilise hypnotherapy to help you?

  • I will carry out a detailed `history take` in which I will ask you a series of pertinent questions to try and discover who you are and exactly what your problem means to you. Together we will explore how you personally see the world, your beliefs and how your mind operates.
  • I will then explain to you exactly what your mind is doing in relation to your particular problem and give you a new grasp on the problem that you face.
  • Once this is done, I will use my knowledge of psychology to craft a `hypnotic script` that, in the same way as a pair of handmade shoes glide onto the feet they are made for, glides into your mind and is accepted by you as a new mental reality.
  • I will then use this `hypnotic script` to guide you through hypnosis and other mental exercises that will allow you to deal with this complex problem.
  • I will provide you with an audio download for you to use alongside our treatment sessions so that you can experience your personal script again and again, reinforcing the lesson.